Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Can See for Miles and Miles

It was time again for the old eye exam. I'm never going to pass it, lol! So I ended up getting new glasses, and they have bling! I got the Transition lenses too. I can go out in the sun without going blind, yay! Of course it's cloudy and gray today so I can't try them out in the sun yet.

I've been doing very little knitting. My hand is doing much better. I started another one of those little kitties because I just HAVE to be knitting something. I'm just doing a little at a time. I went to CVS and got myself a hand brace glove thingy to help with the pain. It's nice and snug. I hope this helps!

I will try the glove out tonight while watching Grey's Anatomy. Another new one on tonight. Very exciting to me!

I got some more project bags done. I just can't stop making them. They're a fun easy little project, and each one is so cute. So then I buy more fabric and make more and on and on and on.

Tomorrow is Friday. I am so glad! And a new yarn store is opening in the area, I will definitely be going there this weekend. I'm so excited! AND out of the blue the other day my boss gave me a nice fat bonus. Yarn and fabric money! It doesn't get much better than this.

I'm off to the couch to knit while wearing my new little glove.


Tracy said...

I love your project bags, is it a pattern you can share?

Tracy said...

thank you so much!

Holly said...

love love LOVE the glasses!! Bling is awesome.

Larjmarj said...

Can't wait to see you modeling your new eyeballs. I'm due for an exam myself. Don't you love unexpected spending $$$

sweetp said...

I love those bags. I wish I could sew when I see cool things like that.