Tuesday, May 20, 2008


It's here! I got my Ravelry T-Shirt. I'm so excited! I just love it. It fits great and I've already worn it. So glad I bought it!

I love this style of t-shirt, loose fitting, roomy, very comfy.

My daughter's birthday is over. It was a success! The poke cake turned out yummy, everyone liked it, and she got some nice gifts.

Last night was knit night. Lots of fun! It's always a nice evening with conversation, laughter and knitting. I love seeing what everyone is working on. Saw some yarn I had never seen before. It's already knit up into a flat piece, and you unravel it a little at a time and knit socks with it. I think it was called Flat Foot yarn. Very interesting. Might have to try it some day.

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Holly Bee said...

I have the same t shirt!!

Yippee! We are awesome!