Sunday, September 30, 2007

Moth = Panic

I had a moth in my house last night. Panic! I kept thinking of the Yarn Harlot's book where she writes about the moth. All my wool yarn is put away in a bin except the new yarns I bought at Neighborhood Knits yesterday. They were on the table so I could lovingly look at them every time I walked by it. I finally found the moth and it's ummmm not alive any more. Relief. How dare it come into my house.
I went to Neighborhood Knits! A nice little store, it's smaller than I thought it would be. I had fun petting the yarns. I wanted to just sit and stare at all the stuff, but I didn't. I bought two skeins of yarn, a wool/acrylic worsted that's in shades of pink and it's going to stripe. There was a baby sweater hanging up that it was made out of. The other skein is a silk/wool blend, in the clearance/sale bin, poor little orphan. That's going to become a scarf. I wound it into a ball and started a scarf from the book One Skein Wonders that I've finally gotten around to making something out of. The pattern has to be out of whack. It's just not working out right on the needles. I need to go on line and see if there's an errata sheet for this. It says to cast on 20 stitches, but that's not enough. Maybe 40 or 30? If I can't find a correction, maybe I'll just try casting on 40 and see what happens. This is a pain in the butt.
I also went to the little dimestore in Trenton again. Got 5 balls of Sugar & Cream. Well, a new dishcloth KAL is starting on Monday and I must be prepared, heheheheh. The suggested color is red, but I've heard red really runs, so I'm going to do mine in bright pink. The Sugar & Cream is ONLY 99 cents there, very justifiable. I have totally blown the yarn diet. I forgot about it. Oh well.
I think I may go to Old Navy today and see if I can find a pair of jeans. I've only got two pairs that fit now that I've lost weight. I seem to have good luck there with jeans. I don't care if they aren't the fancy designer label, or even what the size says. I just want jeans that fit and fashionable would be nice. I won't be buying those skinny jeans though, lol!
I may also pull up the tomato plants today. I think they're just about done. Most of my tomatoes this year got eaten by animals. Very sad. I don't know if I'll plant them again next year. This is my second summer in this house and this happened last year too. Very discouraging.
I found a little pot roast yesterday in the grocery store, just right for me. Whenever I made a pot roast my daughter wouldn't eat it, she doesn't like it. Her loss. This should be good for about 3 days of meals. My house will smell so yummy later!
The weather is very nice out there today. I hope to be able to spend some time outside, maybe knitting if I can figure out this darn scarf pattern.
Have a great day!
Edited to add: I found a correction for the scarf on line, yay me! I was right, you do cast on 40 stitches. Time to go rip it out and start over. But that's OK, at least this time it will be right.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Spic & Span

I just got done cleaning the kitchen from top to bottom. I just wanted to wash down the cupboard doors, well one thing led to another. I cleaned out the fridge, vacuumed under it, washed some walls (not the ceiling though, lol!), and I did wash down the cupboard doors. Mopped the floor. It's all shiny and pretty now.

I just can't decide what to start knitting next. I think that's called starteritis. I pulled out some Bernat cotton last night and started a potholder. How exciting is that? I'm doubling the yarn so it's nice and thick. And now that I've been a good girl and got my housework done I can go play! I think I'm going to take a drive to the local LYS, Neighborhood Knits. Never been there. I want to pet some pretty yarn. I did go to Michael's and Joann's last night. Nothing called out to me, so I left. Maybe I'll have some inspiration at Neighborhood Knits.

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This is going to take a long time.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Hey! Look I can sign in today. I could not sign into Blogger for the life of me yesterday, it was so slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Anyone else have problems?

I'm working on some I-cord. This is the first time I've attempted I-cord and I think I'm doing pretty good! I went to knittinghelp dot com and learned it there. It's going to be the tie for a little candy bag I'm making for my daughter. I'll post the whole thing when it's done. I'm going to put some candy and maybe eyeshadow and lip gloss in the bag and send it to her for Halloween.

My legs are still tender. I got some million degree hot tea accidentally dumped on my lap the other night at knit night. OMG, that hurt soooooooooo bad. I can't even tell you. It still hurts to be touched, but I think I'm healing OK. One leg is all blistered, the other is just red.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Where did September go?

Wow, September flew by! I can't believe it's officially fall and next week is October. That means Christmas is getting closer. Scary.

I finally broke down and signed up for Ravelry. I won't be able to see what all the hype is about for quite a while:

You signed up on September 6, 2007
You are #31424 on the list.
14031 people are ahead of you in line.
4449 people are behind you in line.
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Monday, September 24, 2007


Here's a Feather & Fan dishcloth made with the new Sugar & Cream Stripes. I like this yarn! It was fun to work with. Same texture as the other Sugar & Cream, but the ways the stripes came out it looks pretty cool.

I'm now making a little bag for my daughter. I'm going to put some Halloween candy and goodies in it and mail it to her when it's done. I did a new stitch. I did the "M1" and it turned out! I was so excited. Had to go to knitting help dot com to find out how to do it, and I did it! I'm also going to have to make an I-cord for it. So I'll learn another new thing with this little bag.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Knit Night

I feel better. I went to knit night at the 'Bou. It was good to get out and knit. I've been in such a slump. I wasn't going to go, but forced myself, and I'm glad I did. AND we had cupcakes! They were yummylicious! Happy Birthday to Sonya and Angela, and anyone I forgot. And thank you Jennifer for the cupcakes.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Dinner for one

I found a free pattern on line for this "M"!!! My son goes to U of M and is a big football fan. I gave it to him over the weekend. And Michigan won this week, yay!

Living alone is very strange to me. I've always lived with someone, my parents, my husbands, my kids. Now it's just me. It's a pain in the butt when it's time for dinner. You get tired of having the same old leftovers for days in a row. Frozen dinners get old. You can only eat so many sandwiches and cans of soup. And going out for carry-out adds up especially right now with money tight. I'm sure in time I'll adjust.

I started knitting a hat for my grandson. I had some Bernat cotton with varying shades of blue. This won't take as long as the hat I made for my granddaughter cuz it's smaller and I'm not doing double strand knitting with that pain in the butt yarn I used for hers. Still have to take a pic of it.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lack of money sucks

Happy birthday dishcloth from the first September KAL.

Damn, I hate being broke. Where the heck does my money go? I couldn't go to Knitterpalooza cuz I just didn't have the money to spend on yarn, needles, etc. Very depressing. It's time to get serious about doing something moneywise. Been looking for a part-time job, no luck so far. It seems all I ever knit are dishcloths, but that's all I can afford, the Sugar & Cream or Peaches & Cream. But I like doing them. I do have some stash that I've been using for Christmas gifts. I made my granddaughter a hat, very goofing looking yarn! I still need to take a pic of it. I've got some more stash to make my grandson a hat, hopefully I'll start that today. Once I get the damn dentist paid off, hopefully I'll have a little bit more money, but then after that it will be time to get the other crown done. Not having dental insurance sucks. I'm working on getting the credit card paid off, it's getting there, but I did use it twice lately, ughhhhhhhhh. Having a kid in college is very expensive. I need a sugar daddy or a long lost relative to leave me something.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Knitting Slump

I believe today is the garage sale/fund raiser for my friend's mother-in-law for the breast cancer 3 day. I made and donated this washcloth, along with another washcloth and a pink little purse. I hope they raise tons of money.

I've been in a knitting slump. I don't know if it's the weather, but just haven't felt good lately so I haven't really been knitting much. I did finish the dishcloth monthly KAL. I was working on a pair of slippers, finished one, and I don't like it. I'll probably rip it out and contemplate what else I can make with that yarn. It's the pretty blue Nashua I got from one of the girls at knit night. Today is knitting with the girls in Saline. Just haven't been able to decide what I want to make. I found a pattern for the University of Michigan M for a dishcloth and cast on for that this morning. So, once again, I'm making another dishcloth. This will be for my son as he goes to U of M and loves football (let's hope they win this week). I'm making it with yellow Sugar & Cream.

It's cooler this morning. I got the house cleaned, still have to vacuum. It's amazing how the house doesn't get that messy with just me living here. But the dust still accumulates and the cats keep shedding. So, it's off I go to vacuum.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Empty Nest Syndrome

The daughter was here for the weekend. It was soooooooooooo good to see her. I really miss her. The house is so empty now. You always think, I can't wait till their grown, I need some time to myself, they never shut up, they always want something, where does all this laundry come from? Now, it's gone. I wish I could go back in time to when they were little. This living alone is a big big adjustment. And I'm so broke from getting her off to college. Damn. Right now an extra $10 is a ton of money. I'm sure eventually it will calm down or I'll get a second job. I'll see her sometime in October when I go visit her. Gotta get her a real warm winter coat and some boots. They get a lot of snow there.

Mom had her surgery and it went well. Two hips done now and a knee. I call her the bionic woman. Went and visited tonight at the hospital. She looks good.

And work? Who knows what's going on there. The lease is up at the end of the month and no new digs in sight yet.

I gotta quit worrying about everything and go knit or something.