Sunday, May 18, 2008


Today is my baby girl's 19th birthday! I can't believe she's 19. Where did the years go? All those elementary school years have gone by, middle school, high school, and now her first year of college. She requested "poke cake" for her birthday cake. It's so yummy! Have you ever had it? In a nutshell, you bake a white cake, let it cool a little, poke holes in it with a fork and pour Jello over it. The Jello will go down in the holes and the cake is so pretty when you cut it. Then you frost it with Cool Whip. She picked watermelon Jello for her Jello flavor. Can't wait to have some!



Heather said...

Happy Birthday!!!

sweetp said...

Happy Birthday to your DD!

Tracy said...

Happy birthday to your daughter. I have 3 daughters born in May. One on the 16 (she turned 7), the baby on the 23 (she will be 2), and one on the 31st. She will be 11. I think the baby would love a poke cake for her birthday. (Does it have to be white, or can I use yellow?)