Saturday, January 31, 2009

Meet the new family member

I watch my local City Council meetings on TV. They always show pets at the beginning of the meeting that are available for adoption. I saw this one. Fell in love. Watched the rerun of the meeting, saw her on line. And finally went in and saw her in person. Had to have her. She's just such a love. A lot to love too. She's a big fat cat. 17 and a half pounds. But just such a sweetie. She's now mine. Meet "no name" cat. Haven't come up with a name for her yet.

She's very calm and loving. With me. The other cats are NOT liking this. And she's oblivious to them at the moment. She likes to just sit on the couch and watch the world.

So we're in an adjustment phase at the moment. Maybe by my next post she'll have a name.

On the yarn front, I bought some yarn from an etsy store. It's so gorgeous and soft. I want to pet it. When I'm not petting cats that is.

It's sock weight. Just beautiful colors and did I say soft. Very soft.

That's it for now. Time to go play with my yarn and cats. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Give a Hoot

I got the Give a Hoot mittens done. I love them! I think they turned out so cute. At first I sewed on beads for the eyes, but were a clear turquoise color and they blended in so much they were hard to see.

The flash made them glow and show up in the pic. But I just didn't like the beads on them. So I took the beads off and sewed on little buttons. A turquoise color!

The buttons show up better, but boy it's really hard to take a picture of your hand, the camera shook and it was hard to get a good clear picture.

I blocked them overnight, and here is the finished product.

All ready to be worn! And with more snow in the forecast they will certainly get used. They'll make having to deal with snow a little easier to swallow. Maybe.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

What's in your knitting bag?

When I came home from work the other day I found Pixie all cuddled up by my knitting bag, sleeping so soundly as if she owned it.

I let her stay there for a while as I wasn't going to be knitting at that moment. I didn't have the heart to disturb her. Cats rule the house around here.

Then when I got up this morning, this is what I found:

She made her way INTO the bag. Again, I couldn't disturb her for a while. So cozy. She must like that pink cloud in there that I'm knitting. I won't be able to show you the pink cloud for a long time. That's what I'm calling the project in that bag.

On the needles I also have a pair of mittens. Owl mittens. I'll show you next time. Purple owl mittens, really cute! What's on your needles?

I've been on a buying binge of yarn this week. I couldn't stop. I bought more SWS and ordered some yarn from an etsy shop. I must stop this.

That pink fabric is for a future sewing project. Now back to my knitting. I'm going to try and knit from the stash for a while and not buy any yarn. That resolution may last a week. Maybe.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yarn and Stuff

Well it's over with. We have a new president. Let's hope we move forward in a positive direction. There is hope once again. I wasn't there, but I did get to watch the swearing in ceremony on my work computer. Very awe inspiring.

And at the end of the day I came home and I knit! I just can't knit enough lately. I got one more preemie hat done.

I just LOVE the colors on this one. Candy Baby is the name of the color. I just want to eat it, it looks so good. Bernat Softee Baby is the yarn. And look in the background, out the window . . . SUN!!! We actually have sunshine today. It makes the world feel warmer even though it's still pretty cold out there. But I was happy on my way home from work. My windshield wiper squirters finally thawed! I could actually use them and clean the windshield while driving. No stopping and wiping the window with snow today. Little things make me so happy!

My knitting group had our after holiday anti-holiday party the other night. So much fun! I enjoyed seeing all the gifts that were exchanged. I got a beautiful handmade needle roll from Jess. It's so beautiful. I could stare at it all day.

She sews beautifully. And she gave me CANDY! Yummy chocolate, all kinds of chocolate. Here's how the needle roll looks rolled up.

I love my gifts!

I've kept the economy going lately. I bought some yarn that was on sale at Michaels. Couldn't pass up the sale, had to stock up. Patons Classic Merino Wool, SWS Stripes and some fun colorful baby yarn called Cupcake. It's so soft!

I've got plenty to keep me busy. So much yarn, so little time. Too bad I can't work two days a week and have five off. But get paid the same!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Drowning in Snow

Yep, you guessed it. More snow. The never ending snow battle this winter. This angel is on my back deck, she stays there all year. Before the snowstorm yesterday:

And this is how she looks this morning. Snow, snow, snow. Everywhere. Can't escape it.

I'm sick of snow. The only good thing about it is I stay inside and knit! I've started and frogged lots of stuff lately. I just can't seem to get it right the last few days. I did start this yesterday and it stayed on the needles. It looks like a mess right now.

It's a ruffle for something. I'm still learning my camera settings so it's a little blurry. I'll be working on that ruffled thing for a long time. One of those things where you work on it, put it down and work on something else, come back to it, etc.

I did get another preemie hat done. This one is so tiny! That's a Glade candle next to it. The hat is made with Plymouth DK Baby. So soft. I really like that yarn.

I gave up working with that mohair yarn I showed you the other day. Ughhh, a pain to work with. I just didn't like it. Another item into the frog pond. But I did get the Who? Hat done. I love it!

I'll probably give it to my grandson next Christmas. I made the child size but I can actually fit it on my head even though it doesn't cover my ears it will cover his.

And that's about it for today. Gotta dig out of this white mess AGAIN, and then I'll probably just stay in today and play with my yarn.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another day, another snowfall

Winter, winter, winter. It's just unrelenting this year. More snow falling. The temps really fell, it's freezing, single digit temps, brrrrrrrrrr. I guess I'll stay inside and play with my yarn and needles and knit to my heart's content! I joined a knit-along on ravelry for a lace scarf. For some reason I have had more problems trying to get this scarf started, numerous starts, stops, frogging, changing yarn, changing needles, more ripping, swearing, frustration. I give up on that scarf. I'm going to try starting a real easy one tonight. Here is the yarn I am going to use.

I have no idea how old this yarn is. It has a Lee Ward's price tag on it! That was an old craft store that used to be around here. My mom got me this yarn at a garage sale. Real pretty mohair. Wish me luck.

I'll be knitting it with my new Knit Picks Options needles! I finally splurged and ordered the set of Options needles. The cables are so nice, not hard and stiff like the Boye cables I have now. And I also had ordered some yarn from Knit Picks, such a pretty purple color. My shawl book from Amazon came too, beautiful shawls in there. Some day I'll make one.

Starting the lacey mohair scarf will be my project tonight.

I was cleaning out my stash the other day and came across these little beauties. I forgot I had them. Sock yarn. The colors are beautiful. I'll be using them in the future for something.

I did try using that blue one for the lace scarf. It's now back into the ball form waiting to become something else.

And I had fun with my sister in Joann's the other day. We both bought some of these big bundle balls of yarn.

Can't tell you yet what I'll be using those big bundle balls for. It's a secret. And the alpaca is sure to become a hat or maybe a neck warmer. It's so soft. I just love it!

I did get another preemie hat done. I just love the colors of this one. The color is called "Snooky" on the ball band. So cute for a tiny baby! I love the light blue and the brown together.

So I'll be on my couch knitting tonight. If I close the blinds and don't look outside I won't see the snow. I just can't shovel again today. I just can't. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The winter that just won't quit

Snow, snow and more snow. It just won't stop this winter. It's snowing now, possibly 6 to 10 inches will hit the ground before it's done. Ughhhhhhhhhhh. But, the good thing about being inside when it snows is I can knit all I want. Just sit and blissfully knit while glancing occasionally out the window and watching it from the inside. Very peaceful.

I have been working on the little preemie hats. I have three done so far.

So tiny and precious! I love each one. I'll drop them off at the LYS in the near future, might even get some more done before I do that. I have plenty of yarn to make more. I've been on a yarn buying spree lately. Can't stop. Don't want to. It's been fun!

I've also been working on a hat from a Ravelry knit-along. The Who Hat. Little owls all around it. I've got the owls done, pretty soon I'll start the decreasing.

I'm making the child size, but I really think it will fit an adult. Not sure now if I'll give it to my grandson, it might be too big. I'll wait and see how big the finished product is.

I went shopping at Joann's with my sister yesterday. A grand time was had! I'll show you more yarn next post. We exchanged Christmas goodies with each other. Look what I got!

More yarn! And an absolutely wonderful beautiful Matroyshka doll! I just love her! She's staying out year round, too cute to put away. I need to find a place of honor for her. And she burned me a CD of Christmas music which I just love! I listened to it this morning, why not, it feels Christmasy with the snow falling.

That's about it for today. I'm going to go straighten up the house a little. My daughter has left and is safely back at school. After my chores, I will hit the couch with my yarn and needles and watch the snow fall from the inside . . . and pray a nice neighbor will snowblow it for me.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New camera

I got a new camera for Christmas. Merry Christmas from me to me! I'm still getting used to it and all the settings that it has. Sometimes pictures are good, sometimes not. It will take time. But I do love my new toy!

First off, I'll show you what I have been knitting. My first preemie hat. Oh it's so tiny! I'm almost done with it. I do know I won't be making this pattern again, four inches of 1 x 1 ribbing nearly drove me insane.

I hope it keeps some precious little baby warm.

My daughter made me one of those fleece blankets for Christmas. I love it with all my heart! I can only imagine her crawling around on her dorm room floor to make it. That makes me smile that she did that for me!

Kitty cats!

I finished the Bella's Mittens I made for my daughter. She loves them! They come up really high on the arm, and even though they are quite long they did knit up pretty quickly with bulky yarn.

They will keep her nice and warm on those freezing cold mornings walking to her classes.

I bought some yarn at Joann's the other day, a new one by their Sensations brand, Truboo. It's so soft! I have no idea what I will make with this. I've been lusting after it for quite a while and since it was one sale, and who can resist a sale, I bought the yarn. I really love how it feels.

That's about it in my household. Back to work tomorrow. My daughter will be here until the end of the week then back to school for her. I have truly enjoyed having her home for her winter break and will miss her dearly.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Wow 2009! Happy New Year! Did you have a nice New Years Eve? It was nice and calm here. I don't go out on New Years Eve. I stayed in and did a lot of knitting. A perfect evening! I am making my daughter some mittens called Bella's Mittens. They are the mittens the girl from the Twilight book wears in the movie. We've been reading all those books in this house. Pretty interesting and fun reading! I have one mitten done so far.

So, do you make New Years resolutions? I never do. But this year I am going to try to do more charity knitting. I'm going to knit preemie hats that a LYS is collecting for a local hospital. So tiny and cute! I got some yarn to get me started. So colorful! I've been having fun browsing the patterns for preemie hats on Ravelry.

I bought a few things for myself lately. Always fun! I bought this book, Knitting Little Luxuries. Such a pretty book! And oh so fun to look through. I don't know what I'll make yet.

I also ordered myself a set of Knit Picks Options circular needles. I like circular knitting but the Boye needles that I own have such stiff cables they really make my wrists hurt when using them. And I ordered a book about making lace shawls from Amazon, Wrapped in Comfort. Can't wait to get that. And lastly I pre-ordered a book on Amazon by Alice Starmore about Fair Isle knitting. That won't be here until August. Something to look forward to!

It's cold outside and very cozy in the house. I'm hoping to get a lot more knitting done before I go back to work on Monday. Gotta earn more money so I can buy more yarn and stuff!

Happy knitting and crafting and Happy New Year!