Sunday, March 30, 2008

Off the Beaten Path

It was a fairly nice day yesterday so I decided to go for a drive to somewhere I've never been. I went to a quilt shop in Wyandotte. I had never been there before and wanted to look at pretty quilt fabrics. They had lots of pretty fabric! It made me want to sit right down and quilt. I may take a quilt class in the future, probably not until fall. I bought these little pieces of fabric:

Such vibrant colors! I love them.

I also went to Joann and bought some DPNs. I needed some size ones for a project, five of them to be exact. I ended up buying this set of teeny tiny skinny needles, it has five of each size of 000,00,0 and 1. Oh lord are some of them skinny. They were $9.99 but I had a 40% off coupon, so I got them for about $6.00. Yay for coupons!

I finally finished the fingerless mittens I was making. I like them! It's so hard to get a picture of the beads in the yarn, I just can't get them to show up without totally blurring the picture. So this is the best I can do. You can see the glittery thread that also runs through the yarn.

I also went and saw my Mom yesterday. She's doing very well after that long ordeal with illness! I took some Finished Objects to show her, one being the first little Project Bag that I made. She loved it! I told her to keep it. She's so happy with that little bag. And that makes me happy! I'm so glad she's getting well again.

That's it for my weekend so far, it's been very relaxing. I hope you are having a great weekend too!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Cleaning . . . Kind of

Remember our Moms and/or Grammas doing spring cleaning? The yearly ritual where they cleaned the house from top to bottom in the spring. Do people still do that? I've been on a cleaning frenzy lately, getting this house in order. I've neglected it for too long. Lots of dustballs and cat fur, and clutter. I've got a few more cleaning projects to do next week. Sometimes you don't realize how dirty something was until it's clean. Then you keep staring at it, it looks brand new! It all started with this:

I finally got a new little TV for my bedroom. It's perfect! I don't have to get up and whack the crap out of it every 15 seconds. A nice change of pace. My little piggybank has been getting fed, a little here, a little there. My yarn fund, lol!

At last I got the fingerless mitts done that I was working on. Forgot to take a pic, I'll post them next time. Then I started a new project last night. I need to frog it tonight and start over. I'm not saying what it is yet. Might have to frog it a few times, lol!

I did get a little bit of sewing done this week. I made this little bag for my grandson. He can keep his little treasures in it.

I'm hoping to sit at the sewing machine this weekend and also to get some knitting done. The house is clean enough for now. It smells good in here, like Pine-Sol and Lemon Pledge. I need to rest for a while. And no, I won't come clean your house when I'm done with mine, lol! Unless of course you offer thousands of dollars and lots of fabric and yarn and chocolate. I might consider it then.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Wish the Days Were Longer

I'm still going at it with the sewing machine. Not much knitting to report. I've been knitting a little on the fingerless mitts. I'm hoping to finish tonight. Here's a peek, but I do have a little bit more done since this picture was taken.

Here are some fabric and patterns I bought while at Joann's the other day when the stupid snowstorm started. A few patterns to just make "stuff", I don't really sew clothing any more.

I got a couple yards of fabric. I'm going to make one of those purses with this:

And then I was going through the remnant bin and found these cute flannel pieces:

I just HAD to buy those flannel pieces, just one of those things.

So I got busy and sewed an apron. Someone borrowed my other apron and I never got it back and I doubt I ever will. Here's the front:

I used a contrasting fabric for the inside, you can wear it either side showing. Here's what it looks like from the back:

Now won't I just look so snazzy wearing that apron to put frozen dinners into the oven?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Perfume Overkill

Why, oh why, do people have to wear so much perfume at work? Someone at work wears tons of perfume, but today it really got to me. She left a trail wherever she went, you could taste it. I was choking and my eyes were watering and breathing was tough. My boss commented also. I work in a small office, close quarters, and no windows that open. I finally had to say something. It was so bad I put a fan on my desk to blow away the stench. It was ridiculous. Are these people insecure? Do they not bathe? Do they live in a stinky house? I need to lay down with a cloth on my head for a while to get rid of this headache from that overpowering stench.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

A White Easter

Well damn, we got hit with ANOTHER snowstorm Friday night. The Never Ending Winter is back. The Never Ending Heating Bills continue. I'm so tired of all this snow and there's nothing I can do about it. Except bake cookies! For some reason I like to bake when it snows. But I cheated this time, I made the break-apart cookies. They are yummy!

I was in Joann on Friday buying this fabric when my daughter called and told me the snow had started.

I'm totally obsessed with sewing lately. I. Can't. Stop. So I finished up my shopping and came home and I made another project bag:

And here's the inside:

It's been a lot of fun sewing. And I feel like I've been spending quality time with my daughter who has been home for a little Easter break. She'll be on the computer and I'll be at the sewing machine which are in the same room, and we're together. I like it! But, today she goes back to school and the house will be quiet again.

I got the Japanese fabric I bought on Etsy. OMG, it's so cute! Hedgehogs!

I don't know what I'll make with it yet, but just HAD to have it.

I finished one of the fingerless mitts I was knitting with the sparkly beaded yarn. Hopefully I'll start the second one today and get it done soon so I can move onto the next project. I want to make my mom a shawl for Mother's Day, so I gotta get moving on that soon.

So today is Easter. It's just not a holiday I care about. I'm not religious and I just don't celebrate it in the religious way. I made our Easter dinner last night since Daughter has to leave today. I made corned beef, cheesy mashed potatoes, beans, rolls, and deviled eggs, and of course the cookies for dessert. It was a great feast!

Happy Easter!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Knitting and Sewing

I started another pair of fingerless mitts. I just love making these! They are a quick knit, my kind of project, and the end result is so cute. They come in handy too. I'm making a rather plain pair now since this yarn is so fancy. There's a glittery thread running through it and some beads. I can't get a good close-up picture of the beads without blurring it. You can kind of see how it sparkles.

With all those little beads occasionally mixed in, I keep thinking I'm coming across a knot when I'm knitting. It's taking some getting used to. The yarn is the Moda-Dea brand.

I couldn't stay out of Joann's. I bought some more fabric the other day. Cute calico.

So I sat down at the sewing machine last night and turned some of that calico into this:

A Project Bag! Here is a look at the inside:

It was fun to make! Now that I've made this one, I've got ideas on how to make the next one. Sometimes I just can't leave a pattern alone, gotta put my own touch on it. You can really get creative with these, mixing fabrics, trim, etc.

It's Good Friday and I've taken the day off work, yay me! My daughter is home again for the weekend, another break at school. We are going shopping! I'm going to look at TVs and see if I can find one for my bedroom and then I can finally lay that piece of junk that's in there now to rest. AND it is officially spring! But you wouldn't know that by the weather report, snow is predicted for later, ughhhhhh. Hopefully this will be the last of the snow for the season.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

In Between Projects

OK, last pair of jammies, for now, lol!

These are a cotton/poly blend, more of that seersucker-like fabric. I've had so much fun making these. It was nice to sit at the machines and sew up a storm. I'm still being bit by the sewing bug, but I can't decide what to make. I bought a pattern for a laptop case, but haven't gotten the supplies yet. And I can't stay away from Etsy. I got this 1/2 yard of Japanese fabric in the mail that I bought from an Etsy store:

Isn't it cute? I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet. Maybe a project bag. I also have some new needles coming from an Etsy store, size 1 dpns, teeny tiny skinny needles for a future project.

I don't have anything on the needles at the moment. I finished a washcloth last night. It has Homer Simpson on it, but I can't get a good photo. It's for my daughter's Easter basket. Yes, she's 18 and I still make her a little basket.

So I'm off to pick out a pattern and some yarn and needles and sit and watch TV tonight. Big American Idol fan here, can't miss it!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's Cadbury Egg Season

mmmmmmmmm, I bought some Cadbury eggs today. I love the caramel ones. I could eat them by the dozen. No one saw me eat one so it doesn't have any calories.

I finished the knit-along beret. I like it. It fits. Since Easter is so early this year and it's still cold, I could use it for my Easter bonnet.

It was the Great Yarn Race at the end. Look how little yarn I have left. Phew, I made it with just a tiny bit to spare!

I had my little four year old grandson with me all afternoon. My daughter-in-law got into a car accident and I had the little guy here while she went to the hospital. She's OK, thank god. But, anyway, that little guy tired me out so much, lol! You forget what it's like to have a little one around. All that non-stop talking! But all in all, I did enjoy him. We had fun together. He's such a crack up. I love being a gramma!

And I just could not resist . . . when I was done with the beret, I had to use Pixie as a model again. She obviously did not like this.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

More Jammies!

The sun is shining brightly today, the snow is melting, I can even see patches of grass, yay! We're not out of the woods yet, we could still get snow, but we sure needed this nice day. In the meantime my daughter is on spring break, out of town, in Florida. She sent me this picture of the beach . . . sigh

I could use a spring break. Instead, I've been home. Still sewing. I got the fishy flannel fabric sewed up. Very comfy! I wish I could wear these to work.

So, yep, I'm still having fun sewing. I ordered some Japanese fabric from some Etsy vendors. So cute! Can't wait until it comes. Not sure what I'll make with it, but I HAD to have it. I may make a laptop sleeve with some of it, not that I ever take my laptop anywhere, but I may some day.

While I was sewing yesterday, Katie thought she'd curl up in my sewing machine cover that I just threw on the floor. She fit into it nicely.

Cats. They don't leave anything alone.

I'm still working on the beret. Finally made some progress and I'm decreasing. I'm worried that I don't have enough yarn to finish, which will make me really sad. I hope I don't have to order more. So, now it's time for The Great Yarn Race. Hope I win!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Can't Stop Sewing

I just can't quit sewing! It's been fun. I got another pair of pajama pants done:

They are a cotton/poly blend, kind of a seersucker feel to them. Nice and lightweight for spring. Here's a close-up:

The ducks below are the first pair I made from this pattern. I made them a couple of years ago. They are like a stretchy terrycloth fabric. Very, very warm. I love them! It is from pattern Simplicity #4418. A very easy pattern. It's one of those patterns that's on the rack at Joann, not in the drawer. The cheap patterns, lol! I haven't done much sewing in the past few years. I'm totally shocked at how much patterns cost now.

I'm not even sure if they make this pattern any more. I've had it for two years, but don't know how long it was around before that. It takes me about an hour to make a pair of pajama bottoms.

So . . . I bought more fabric! I just can't quit. I'm having so much fun with these. So colorful.

Check out those fish, lol! I love them. That's a cotton flannel. The bright flowers are a cotton/poly blend, the same puckered seersucker type stuff as the striped ones I already made.

I got the flannel fish cut out and they are ready to head over to the sewing machine and serger.

I've been working on the jammies and browsing Japanese fabrics on Etsy. Oh my gosh, such fun fabric. Just might have to get me some for something, maybe a project bag. I've been knitting just a little. I'm still working on the beret. It's boring me so much at the moment. 192 stitches on size 3 needles with sock yarn. It takes forever to see any progress. I have no new pictures of that as you really can't tell that I've made any progress. I've got not quite an inch to go then I can start the decreasing. Maybe tonight I'll get that little inch done.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Is it spring yet?

More snow yesterday. It snowed all day. So what do I feel like doing when it snows? Baking cookies! This went into the oven:

And this came out:

mmmmmmmmm! Yummy peanut butter cookies! Something about a snowy day makes me want to bake.

I also got some knitting done on the beret. It's slow going. Sock yarn on small needles = slow knitting. But the yarn is so so so gorgeous, I don't mind. Here's my progress:

I've got about 2 1/2 inches done so far, I've got about 2 more inches to go then I can start decreasing. Today is a good day to sit and knit. This is the yarn I'm using and I'm still in love with it:

I would like to say Thank You for the kind comments on my jammies! I bought more fabric today at Joann to make myself another pair. Nice and bright!

I also got a matching T-shirt and string tie for the waist. It kind of will go with the colors of the beret. Won't I be stylin'!

So tell me, what are you working on?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sew a Needle Pulling Thread

My daughter arrived home for her spring break. Yay she made it safely! And in between snowstorms too. She's planning on going to Florida with some friends. I'll miss her, but you're only young once and it's a good opportunity. So I hope she has fun! For her trip I made her some summerweight jammie bottoms.

A cute yellow polka dot seersucker type fabric. Here's a close-up.

I gave them to her when she got home and she loves them! She loves when I make her stuff. And it's appreciated. So while I was sewing, I also made a pair for me, all in fun, just had to have this fabric. Very piratey with the skulls and crossbones.

It's a cotton/poly blend. Still too cold to wear them, but they'll be waiting when spring ever gets here. It was fun doing some sewing the other day. I just may have to go back and buy more fabric and make some more stuff.

I got started on the knit-along beret last night. I just LOVE this yarn. Oh it's so nice, and the color . . . fantastic! What a joy to work with.

Now I'm going to go sit on the couch and knittle on the beret and watch American Idol. They are finally going to be down to the final 12. This is when I like watching it.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Whenever my grandson sees my knitting he likes to watch and wants to "knittle" (as he says it) with me. He has his own little ball of yarn and some needles to play with. That lasts, oh, maybe four or five minutes, then he's off to play with something else. And I can't knittle anymore because I can't take my eyes off him, he's into everything.

I got the pink camo mitts done. I like them! This yarn was nice to work with.

We got another snowstorm. I think the total for my area is 9 to 10 inches. Lots of the white stuff out there. I didn't go to work, just too much snow. I couldn't get my car out until I shoveled and I couldn't even get to the car until I got rid of the snowdrift between the house and the car. Whew, what a nasty job. Thankfully a neighbor with a snowblower came by and helped. Now I'm all shoveled out and can enjoy the rest of the day.

I get to start a new project! I'm going to go through my stuff and see what says "make me next". I'm leaning towards the beret with the beautiful yarn I recently got. So, for the rest of the day I will be on the couch and I will knittle.

Tomorrow I'll show you the projects I sewed.

Monday, March 3, 2008

I Saw a Sign of Spring

The Dairy Queen is open! I saw it with my own two eyes when I was out running errands this evening. Yay! Spring is getting closer. But of course we have another snow advisory thing going on for tomorrow. Yuck.

I got one of the camo mitts done. It looks more stripey than camo. But I like it so far. This yarn has been nice to work with.

I got bit by the sewing bug yesterday so I went to Joann's and bought some fabric.

I got a little bit of sewing done this evening. I'll show you what I'm making when I get more done. I used to sew all the time, I made all kinds of things, I worked in a fabric store, I did alterations for people, and then somehow it fell by the wayside, life must have gotten in the way. But every now and then I get the itch to sew. So I dusted off the machine and I've been playing seamstress. It was a nice change to do something different in the creativity department.