Thursday, June 12, 2008

Things Are Growing

It sure feels like summer is here, but it's still officially spring. We've had some pretty good storms go through here lately, but at least nothing as bad as some parts of the country or even in the state. With all that rain, things are growing! Here are my tomatoes. My sock is growing too, yay! I've turned the heel on the second sock.

Hopefully just a few more days and it will be done.

I haven't been sewing lately and I'm in the mood to sew again. I got out all the fabric and notions that I had bought to make a laptop case. Just looking at the fabric is making me so antsy to sew. Hopefully over the weekend I'll get it cut out and can work on it next week.

I'm off work tomorrow until Monday. Gas prices are killing me so I will be taking Fridays off during the summer. I'm not going anywhere this year, so my vacation days will be broke up into long weekends.

I can feel the humidity moving back in. More rain coming tomorrow sometime. When I get real hot, I like looking at this. It cools me down:

I collect snowmen and he's one of my favorites. He stays out year round. And he's special. My daughter got him for me for my birthday last year.

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