Friday, June 27, 2008

The last Friday in June

Wow, time is flying! It's the last Friday in June. Next Friday is the 4th of July. Where has the time gone? Here time is flying away while I work on projects. I finally got the laptop bag done. I like how it turned out, except for the zipper. That was really hard to get in. I goofed up and just left the goof ups in. It was just too frustrating to rip and rip. I'm the only one who will know it's there.

And here is the inside. Lots of room for the laptop and the cord, and even other supplies if I need them. There is a pocket in there too, but the laptop is on top of it.

That's enough bags for a while. It's time to work on little things. Still waiting for my ornies pattern to come. While I wait I bought some more calico. I want to be ready!

My sewing and craft area is out of control at the moment! I found some estate sales in the area today. I think I'll check them out. See if I can find some kind of storage item for some of this stuff. An old dresser, chest, shelving unit. You never know what you'll find. Lots of fun!

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Susan said...

I love the pattern and the colors on this bag, in fact it would go so nicely with our vacation home living room furniture!
Thanks for you nice comment on my blog.