Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Let's run some tests

My poor kitty has a skin condition. Some fur has fallen out and there's bare skin. The skin is all scaley, like dandruff. So I took her to a new to me vet. In her cat carrier. She doesn't like going in that thing, but she was cooperative this time.

The vet couldn't figure it out. I know it's some kind of allergy, she's had it before, just give her a steroid shot and she'll be fine. No the vet says, we need to run tests to figure it out. In comes the estimate. $390 in tests! Hello, I don't have that kind of money. This is a cat. I agreed to a blood test and the steroid shot and some antibiotics and some kind of vitamin for her old arthritic hips. That made the total $190. Good-bye almost paid off credit card balance. So we waited for test results before the shot.

When you're bored at the vet, just take pics with your cell phone, lol!

Whatever happened to the old days where you took your pet to the vet and the pet got a shot or a different food? All this technology stuff has gone overboard at times. Health/dental/vet costs are out of control. Take for instance going to the dentist. I needed to find a new dentist last year. Found one and went. Oh, they wanted to do this and that and scrape under the gums and replace fillings and drill and file teeth and whiten them and how about taking each tooth out and cleaning it and putting it back in, ok, they didn't say that part. But whatever happened to the dentist down the street? You went in, they cleaned your teeth; you got a cavity, they filled it. Now it seems like it's an all day procedure to get x-rays, and fancy panoramic x-rays, cleaning, plan of treatment, etc. And not cheap if you don't have dental insurance. My teeth are probably going to have to fall out of my head.

I think I need to go sew. At least I can do that and afford it. The laptop bag/carrier has made some progress. Hopefully it will soon be done.

I need to go on line and look at puffins or something pretty.

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Krystal said...

Ugh, I know what you mean! Vet costs are through the roof! It's so irritating because I'm constantly worried about having to take our dogs to the vet, especially when I take them to play. Like, if we had to, we'd probably have to not pay rent to afford it.

When my mom's dog had to have surgery after having the puppies, it was 1200 dollars! 300 just to get in the door. That's just insane!

But, on a brighter note, the bag looks awesome!