Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's Steamy Outside

Whoa, it's so steamy outside. It feels like the middle of August. Supposed to be even hotter tomorrow. I'm not ready for this so early in the season. The AC is all ready to go though. The fans have been brought up and are being used along with the ceiling fans.

When it's this steamy I don't feel like doing much so I sit and knit. I've been working on the sock. I'll show a progress picture next post. For now, I have some yarn to show off. First off, is Dream in Color Smooshy. Real nice!

I think the color is called Jade.

Then we have some WhimzyPinzy Tippy Toes. See that little skein in the middle? That came with it. That's for the heel and toes. The yarn is already divided up, one skein for each foot, and then the little skein for heels and toes. How cute is that!

I don't know what patterns I'm going to use for these yet. I got both of these yarns at a sale at Sonny & Shear (link over at the right). Such a nice on line store to do business with!

In the meantime, my tomatoes have been growing! I think I see little buds starting to form. Within the next couple of days I should have little flowers on there. Future tomatoes!

Can't wait to eat one!