Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mini Vacation

I'm back! After all the commotion of getting my daughter ready to go back to college I was tired and I needed to get away. So I booked myself a room at a resort up north and away I went. I left at noon on Friday and got back on Labor Day. It was such a nice relaxing weekend! I've never gone anywhere by myself before, and boy oh boy did I ever need that. It was so peaceful. I did a lot of nothing. I took some knitting with me and worked on a couple of dishcloths. I took a book to read. I'm reading the Twilight series. I got a lot of book 2 read while I was there. I sat on the beach and stared at the water and people watched and watched boats. I ate when and what I wanted. I even took naps! The weather was just gorgeous all weekend, warm in the day, cool at night. I sat at the bonfire at night and met new people. I shopped at the big huge craft store and bought some fun stuff! I would definitely do this again. I saw some beautiful sunsets. It was wonderful. I went to Houghton Lake, the biggest inland lake in Michigan. My favorite place in the world.

I can't wait to do this again some day.


sweetp said...

sounds just lovely! welcome home

Shorty said...

Sounds like a dream trip. Can I ask where you went? I might like to book a mini trip for myself.

Larjmarj said...

Sounds frikkin' awesome! I am going to have two days in Canada all on my lonesome. Yup, two days of being a groupie. LOL. That's my midlife crisis and I'm having it!! :-)