Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fabric and Yarn

It was such a rainy and humid weekend around here, just miserable. Good weather for staying in and doing crafty stuff. I fooled around with this collection of stuff:

What is it you ask? It's going to be a doll. See, I got her cut out. She will be very pink. The pattern is from Bowls & Annies.

I haven't started sewing her yet. Maybe tonight I'll get a burst of energy and feel like sewing.

I bought some snowman fabric that I just fell in love with at Walmart. It was just so cute I had to have it and I made some pillowcases for it for the extra pillows on my bed. They make me smile.

I love snowmen. I collect them and have lots. Have to rotate the collection at times.

Last night was knit night with friends. We have a thing going on called Dishcloth Tag. It was my turn to be tagged and I got all this!

Lots of fun! Now I have to knit a dishcloth for the next person on the list and replace the two balls of yarn with yarn of my choosing, throw in any little goodies that I want and pass it on. We've had a lot of fun with this. And I love all the stuff I got in my bag! Didn't the person who knit that round dishcloth do a beautiful job!

On a side note, I still haven't heard from my friend in Houston. I'm hoping he's OK and it's just a matter of the power being out.

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