Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Glow in the Dark Yarn!

When I was up north I saw Glow in the Dark Yarn in the store. It interested me but I couldn't think what I would make with it and didn't buy it. Then after I got home I found a pattern for some little ghosts. I wanted that yarn! Found out Michaels carries it and off I went to buy some. How fun! It really does glow in the dark. I held it up to the light for a few seconds then shut the light off and it did glow in the dark. Gotta make some little ghosties for Halloween!

I was so glad Michaels still had some left!

I must be in a Halloween mood or something. Such a fun little holiday. I got the witch done that I made to hang on my door. I just love her!

I haven't hung her up yet, just a little too early in the season.

And I've been working on my sock. Good TV knitting, it's all stockinette stitch for a while until I get to the heel. Just good old mindless TV knitting.

I love the color of this yarn! So I'm off to the couch to knit and check out the new 90210. I loved that show when it was on way back when. Now it's back!

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