Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day Trip

I took a trip to see my daughter at college yesterday. It's 216 miles one way, a long drive, but sooooooo worth it. We had such a fun day. And it was so good to see her! And I got to see how she has set up her dorm room in person. Every inch of space well organized. She's doing well! This is the view from her window (never mind that screen). Sometimes she sees deer out there.

It will be real pretty to look out there when the trees change color.

We drove out to a nearby lake she wanted to show me. It's a small lake, but was very peaceful and pretty to look at.

Another view.

One side of the lake was kind of swampy looking.

We had to drive down a skinny bumpy dirt road to get to the lake. The lake side of the road had a scary drop off, no guard rail. Scary. She did well doing the driving in and out. I just didn't look down.

We were looking around in the swamp area and came across this little fellow.

And then we saw this one, even bigger.

We noticed them hopping all over the place after that, little ones, big ones. They were fun to watch. We tried finding some on the lily pads but didn't see any. We did this from the shore, we didn't go in the water.

On our way into the lake area we came across this sign, there was a cemetary across the street from it. Just HAD to take a picture!

We also did a little shopping yesterday. We both love the dollar store by her school and had a lot of fun in there. She bought me some goodies too! Good Stuff!

I had a wonderful day with her. But eventually I had to come home. That's always the sad part. So hard to leave. But I know she's doing well and is happy where she is. We made the best of every minute of our time together!


Krystal said...

I'm glad you had a good time! :)

sweetp said...

sounds like a perfect visit