Saturday, September 13, 2008


Wow, Hurricane Ike is so massive and it's hitting the Galveston/Houston area at the moment. I've been following the coverage of this storm as I have a very good on-line friend in Houston. He stayed in his home and will ride out the storm. He says he will be OK and I'm having faith in what he says. Can't stop thinking about him and I hope he's right and stays safe.

What I don't understand is why are the gas stations raising the prices so drastically? Yesterday the gas stations were packed, and anywhere that had gas under $4 a gallon had lines into the street. The hurricane hadn't even hit yet but of course a chance to make a profit and rip off the consumer happened. There is no shortage. The governor made a speech that anyone who is caught price gouging will be fined. A local station was found to be selling unleaded regular for $4.49. Come on! Really? $4.49 a gallon? That just pisses me off so much.

In the meantime we are going to have a rainy weekend here in Michigan. I plan on staying inside and relaxing. I have some sewing I want to do. Got some more jammie pants cut out. I want to cut out another doll. And I've been working on my glow in the dark ghost. So far it looks like a dishcloth, but that's how it will look until I finish and put it together. I'm still working on the socks too, but they are on the back burner for now.

Very easy knitting. I rented some videos from the library to watch, so I will knit and watch movies and listen to the rain fall. A very relaxing weekend it will be.


Grace said...

Hi. I'm handicraft lover. Your blog is interesting. Care to exchange links? :)

Larjmarj said...

The ruse at the gas pumps pisses me off too. Any excuse to bend us over at the pump!

Good weekend for knitting, missed you at Knitterpalooza yesterday!!