Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I Wish I Was In Hawaii

Nasty weather here today. Just plain old wintry nasty weather. From rain to freezing rain to sleet to snow to wind and more snow and it just won't stop. I had a hell of a drive getting home from work. But I made it. Safe and sound. I'm in for the night. Not going anywhere in this crap. A good night to stay inside and knit.

This foreclosure crisis just sucks. My son is losing is house. It's in foreclosure. Today is moving day. In this sucky weather. I feel so bad for him. It breaks my heart. It's bad enough that he has to move but he has to move in this crud.

No pictures today. I'm still working on the pink beret for my daughter. I'm hoping to finish it tonight. I'm still knitting from the stash. I've made it to the 6th already without buying more.

So I will be on my couch tonight with my knitting. I've got one more episode to watch on the season 2 DVD of Grey's Anatomy that I rented. Then I can move on to season 2 disc 3. I didn't watch the program when it first came on the air, but lately have gotten into watching it. I'm really enjoying the DVDs. But first, some dinner. Easy and simple tonight: BLT sandwich. Yummmmmm!


Larjmarj said...

My drive home? 1.5 hrs. It SUCKED, white knuckles all the way.

The foreclosure crisis is sick. I can't believe that only NOW are we starting to hear anything from the ASS in the white house about fixing anything. Too little too late.
Lots of orange stickers on a lot of homes in our neighborhood. I just hope that me and Mr. Larj can hold our own until he gets steady work. So far so good but you never know.

The Mad Crocheter said...

Oh, man... I am so sorry about your son. It really is criminal the things that have happened to cause the foreclosure crisis. And of course the companies that perpetuated it will get bailed out by the government... while those they screwed over lose so much. It makes me so fucking mad.

Krystal said...

I'm sorry about your son. Hope things get turned around soon. And you aren't the only one wishing you were in Hawaii... I HATE Ohio winters...