Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

There's a lunar eclipse tonight. I'm going to try and peek at it off and on even though it's cold as ice out there. It's interesting to watch that. It's a clear evening, should be able to see it quite well.

Well we're more than halfway through February and I'm still knitting from the stash. I'm so antsy to buy some yarn. I may be starting a knit-along in March and just might (read that probably will) have to buy some yarn for it. It calls for fingering weight. So I've been peeking at yarns on line. It's for a beret.

The second Very Cabley Mitten is almost done. I'm at the top, at the shaping part, just decreasing along. Then comes the thumb and weaving in ends. Then I'm done. Not sure what I'm knitting next. I'm craving doing another pair of fingerless mitts, I love them, they are so addicting.

I went to the library last night. I've been in a reading mood but nothing that I had to read was keeping my interest. I checked out a book called "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by Khaled Hosseini. I am having a hard time putting it down. Really good so far. Once I get these mittens done, I'll really dig into it. There's nothing quite like cozying up with a good book when it's cold out. Or with a good pattern and some yarn. I need more hours in the day.


Krystal said...

OMG I didn't know it was a lunar eclipse. I jumped up and ran outside, bad cold, 4 inches of snow, and all. :) Good job knitting from the stash!

Heather said...

I told hubby about eclipse....he said "meh" FIL called about 15 min later and off we went outside....LOL! It was nice and clear but cold. It was cool and all, but did you enjoy it?

Diane said...

I just peeked at it occasionally. Too darn cold to stay out there long.

Nikki said...

I'm so jealous. It was so cloudy here you couldn't even figure out where the moon was :(

Larjmarj said...

If you find a way to get extra hours...let me know.