Saturday, February 16, 2008

Are we safe anywhere?

Another college shooting. So sad. It just breaks my heart. What the hell is this world coming to? I have a daughter in college, she lives on campus. Of course I worried in the fall when she went off to college after the Virginia Tech killings. I try not to think about it. Of course I worry when my family or I go to the mall after the mall killings. I try not to think about it. The amount of coverage these killers get is just sickening. They get more than enough of their 15 minutes of fame. Some stupid ass with a deranged mind follows this, and becomes the next killer and so on and so on. At times I hate the media. My daughter has been living in a dorm since fall. There have been numerous break-ins and thefts in her dormitory and others. Numerous. There has been a rape on the campus. That poor girl has left school. These crimes on her campus have been done by other students. Why?

So I try not to let this shit rule my life. It's hard. I can't lock myself and my family inside and never go out just because of "what if . . .?"

On the knitting front, I'm still working on the Very Cabley Mittens. I have the top shaping to go on the first one and then the thumb. I'm hoping to finish that one today. I'll be inside a lot this weekend, not because I'm scared to go out, it's just so cold and tomorrow some kind of snow/ice crap coming. Today, it's knitting, and errands while the sun is out. I'll just dress warm.


Nikki said...

OMG I've been on ravelry too long this morning!! I kept looking for the "agree" button!!

ok seriously - I know what you mean... it's disheartening. think of what you can do to be as safe as you can and try to do those things but don't dwell on it and make your life miserable. and think of happy things after a while... like ravelry swaps! strangers sending you yarn and chocolate... what could be more reaffirming than that? :)

Heather said...

Just wanted to say hi! I remember when the school shooting happened in Cleveland this past fall. That boy got so much coverage on all the channels and they kept rehashing it over and over. What I don't get is why they tell you exactly how people got around security and where weak points are. The weirdos don't need more help and encouragment. Praying for your dd while she is at school. Today it has been sunnier today so the snow is turning into slick icy stuff...ick! I go and do a shoot tonight at a!! LOL, have fun knitting, I will be doing that tomorrow~

Larjmarj said...

More snow ice crap?


Make it STOP!!!