Friday, February 1, 2008


I played hookey today, heheheh

Big ol' storm was predicted, daughter was coming home last night equals ... take a day off! So I let them know yesterday that I wouldn't be in today. Got up this morning and turned the TV on, yuck, the roads looked horrible. Checked outside and it was snowing like crazy. We didn't get the 10 inches predicted, maybe 3 or 4 where I am. But it was blowing all over the place and cold. So I sat on the couch and knitted and listened to the TV. And didn't feel an ounce of guilt. Yay! My neighbors shoveled me out (Yes, I have some wonderful neighbors!!!) and another guy got his snowblower out and did my driveway. I didn't have to do a thing except say thank you. I will bake goodies in the near future and deliver them to these kind people. I did make a big pot of stew for me and the kid for dinner. It was so yummy. We also enjoyed some chocolate chip cookies that I baked ... from scratch!

All in all, a very good snow day. It felt good to be home. And it's wonderful to have my daughter here for the weekend.


Shorty said...

I did the same thing. Didn't get much knitting done though.

Have a great weekend with your daughter.

Krystal said...

Thank you! Your blog is great too! :) Have a good weekend!

Heather said...

sounds wonderful! I am glad that you were able to knit guilt free. The stew sounds yummy especially on a blustery day!

Larjmarj said...

I did the same thing, what the hell I never call in and I just didn't feel like fighting the traffic and idiots that were sure to be out. Besides I know that there are certain others at my work place that call in every time there is an ill wind. Needless to say they would have called in on Friday and I would have been stuck with their case load. No thx!