Thursday, February 7, 2008


Meet Pixie . . . she was my model last night.

I finished the beret, and since she was laying right next to me, I put it on her head, grabbed my handy dandy camera phone and snapped this picture. She didn't stay by me much longer after that.

All in all I'm pleased with how the beret turned out.

My daughter has a smaller head than me, so it should fit her just fine.

Now, onto a new project. Knitting from the stash of course.


Leeann said...

It looks good! I like that shade of pink. And Pixie looks thrilled. :)

The Mad Crocheter said...

omg she's beautiful! And she looks so adorably pouty, too. The beret looks great too!

The Mad Crocheter said...

Hey, all that picture needs is a LOLcat caption!!

Krystal said...

That hat is so pretty, love it. :)

Heather said...

LOL, you mean Pixie doesn't get to keep the hat. Sure Diane torture the poor kitty and then give the hat to someone else...I am sure she will love you more for that.....*giggle*

Larjmarj said...

That is really cute! Kitty looks less than impressed ;-)