Sunday, February 10, 2008

Winter Doldrums

It's freezing today. Again. So sick of it. It it's not freezing it's snowing or sleeting or freezing rain or windy or snowing. I know it's winter and I'm stuck inside, but I'm so darn tired of being cold and weather events every day. It's depressing.

My daughter loved the beret! Pixie was glad to give it up and just go on being a cat again instead of a model. Surprise surprise, my daughter came home for the weekend! Long story, but she's on her way back to school now. I can't wait for that phone call that tells me she's arrived safe and sound.

I've been sitting on the couch all afternoon since she left knitting. I love my couch, it's so comfy.

It's like my own little world there. Just watching DVDs and knitting. I'm still working my way through the seasons of Grey's Anatomy.

I got these two books from the library the other day:

The Vogue Vintage Knits has a pattern for two colors mittens I want to try. But I need some yarn for them, and this is knit from the stash month. Sigh. So I will wait. I've got some other things I want to knit first. I haven't cracked open the Elizabeth Zimmerman book yet. Maybe later when my wrists get sore from knitting. I'm knitting some mittens. No, not socks, remember, I don't do socks? I tried socks, didn't like socks, I don't want to knit socks, and if I don't fit in because I don't knit socks, so be it.


Larjmarj said...

I see you have your knitting lamp too. I couldn't live without mine...or see for that matter.

This weather is KRAP with a capitol K.

AnnieMouse said...

You like what you like. The important thing is that you're cool people and you like to KNIT!!!