Monday, February 25, 2008

Winter Weather Advisory . . . Again :(

The Very Cabley Mittens are done. Cables all over the place. I like how they turned out, and this yarn was nice to work with. I'm loving the color! I used Cascade 220. My first time using it.

Now I'm working on the scarf for my daughter. It's more than halfway done, yay! I'm working on it every spare minute. I'm going to go see her this weekend and I want to take the Finished Object with me so she can use it for the remainder of the winter from hell. It's 47 inches at this point, I want to take it to 65 inches, then add fringe. I rented the last 2 DVDs of Grey's Anatomy to watch while I knit. I'm making great progress while watching those DVDs.

Once I get this scarf done I can start on the knit-alongs I've decided to do, the camo-along which is one where we are knitting fingerless mitts with camoflauge yarn and the beret-along where I will be knitting a beret. Still waiting for my yarn to come for that one.

I had this Calla Lily kit which I won at our Block Party a year or two ago, forgot all about it. So I planted it yesterday. Let's see if it grows. Since I can't get outside and do stuff yet, I'll grow things inside. While watching the snow fall. Again. Another winter storm advisory for tonight and tomorrow. Sigh.


Heather said...

Scarf looks good! Cabley mittens look very warm, love the bright color for the winter. Hope the cala lily grows.

So you never did tell us are you able to get a replacement tv?

Shorty said...

The mittens are sooo cute.

Enjoy your visit this weekend.

Larjmarj said...

Mittens look great!! Cascade 220 is one of my fav's.