Wednesday, December 5, 2007

One more mitten to go

I've been a busy little bee since I got home from work, I think I'm keeping busy so I don't keep worrying and worrying about my mom. Anyway, I made this blanket for my daughter-in-law when I got home. Another homemade gift can be crossed off the list, yay!

Pretty. I like the colors. But . . . when I pan out . . . we have Miss Pixie laying on the bed wishing I would let her lay on the blanket . . .

The cats were circling me like vultures when I was on the floor cutting this thing and tying it. Now, all I have left is one more mitten to knit, and I'm done with Christmas knitting. I can feel some relief coming off my shoulders.

Dad called while I was typing this. Mom has an infection at the surgical site, they are treating with antibiotics and she will be in the hospital for a few days before going back to the nursing home. This is a relief, I was so afraid there would be more surgery. And a big thank you to those with your well wishes! Very much appreciated!

Now, I'm waiting on my most delicious Stouffer's chicken parmesan to finish cooking in the oven, mmmmmmmmmmmmm, another frozen dinner, lol!

And where the heck did that snow come from this morning? It was a nasty nasty slippery scary white knuckle drive to work. I also shoveled that crap when I got home. Keeping busy busy busy.