Monday, December 17, 2007

It's not even officially winter yet

I'm at home today . . . yay! I had this as a preplanned day off, thank god, because we got a ton of snow over the weekend and I'm glad I didn't have to deal with rush hour this morning. I think we got around 9-10 inches. And thank god for wonderful neighbors who used their snowblowers on my driveway and sidewalks . . . YAY!!!! It's all cleaned up. I had to use a push broom to clean off the cars, there was so much snow on them and it was quite heavy, my little car snow brush was useless.

All that snow gave me an excuse to stay inside and knit . . . it's not like I need an excuse, but it was a good one! Still working on my daughter's scarf. Just a basic garter stitch. I thought I'd be able to whip this out in a few days. It's taking longer than I thought. I started it a week ago, it's now up to 50 inches. I have 15 more inches to go. Not sure if I'll put fringe on it or not, I'll leave that up to her. She is liking it so far!

I need to go tie on the next ball of yarn and continue knitting away at this thing.

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Larjmarj said...

Yeah, wasn't that snow something? I had hoped it would have been cleared as of yesterday afternoon when we went out to get the tree...HA! We didn't see one salt truck. Thankfully we have an AWD vehicle.
The scarf is working up nicely. I like the way the colors are semi striping. Perhaps a nice crochet border?