Sunday, December 9, 2007

Wake me on December 26

I got my first Christmas card. Look at that big FAT kitty on there. Love it! I don't send out cards any more, just one less thing to do in this season of crap. I used to send cards and then I would get cards back from those I sent cards to. I guess no one wanted to go first. So stupid. Now I get very few cards since I don't send them out. I don't really care. But this card made me laugh, it was from my daughter's friend, truly a surprise.

I went to my knitting group in Saline yesterday. I haven't gone there in a while, stuff just kept coming up. Truly a nice afternoon. We used to meet in the library but it's undergoing renovations so we had to find a different location to meet. We've been going to the McDonald's there. Food! And all the refills I can handle on Diet Coke! And the doors stay shut, no freezing winds blowing in. I always have a nice time when I go knit with these ladies.

I bought this yarn the other day:

I'm going to make my daughter a scarf with it. She wants something in brown or pink or brown/pink as she put it. So, this has brown and pink. Hope she likes it! Not sure how much knitting I'll get done today. I woke up this morning and my hands were tingling and numb. Weird. I think I've been knitting too much lately. And occasionally all morning they've been tingling and numb. Scary.

We're supposed to get some wicked weather today, ice and sleet and freezing rain. It hasn't started yet. I wanted to venture out to Target, maybe pick up a few gifts for Christmas, and I need some household items, and of course cat food. Speaking of cats. One of my brats chewed on my yarn last night, broke it off from the project I was working on, but I can't mention the project in case the intended recipient is reading. Had to tie a knot and add on yarn. But the thing is done now, and I like how it turned out.

If I do venture out before this storm, just may have to stop at the video store and rent some movies and just sit and veg out on the couch all day. Back to work tomorrow. My three day weekend just flew by.

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Larjmarj said...

Yeah, I think I'm going to skip most of the card crap this year, it really gets to be a big pain in the butt. I have been having hand issues too. I don't follow my own advice which is to STRETCH every 15 minutes of knit time. Probably computer time too. I'm sure your daughter will love her scarf.