Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Living Within My Means

I went to K-Mart the other day, yep, K-Mart, and bought these shoes, $7.49, half price! I'm excited, I have new shoes. Real leather too. I also bought a pair for my Mom for Christmas, she needs a shoe with lots of support. She'll love them.

So, staying within budget, here are some of the things I have knit for my family for Christmas. I've been working on this stuff for a long time.

I didn't realize I had made so much until I got it all laid out on the bed to take a picture. All of the yarn for this was within my price range, no yarn snob stuff here. I wish I could buy the pricy stuff, but I can't and I'm not about to go into credit card debt on yarn. I'm happy with what I can afford and these gifts come from my heart, not my wallet saying "see how much I spent on you, ain't I cool?" I'm not that insecure. By yarn snob I mean those who look down on others who don't buy the super expensive stuff or look down on those who use acrylic blends and stuff from the big box stores. I just don't get yarn snobs. Oh well, enough of that. For now.

So, I got them all wrapped up.

And of course a kitty had to come and check it out. Can't do anything without the cats sticking their noses in. This one is Mia. She acts tough, but she's a big baby.

I'm pretty much done Christmas shopping, little budget, gotta get creative on the gifts, and I think I've done pretty well with what I've spent. The rest of the gifts are all wrapped and hidden away. My daughter comes home tomorrow for the semester break, she'll be here for a month. I'm so excited and so is she!


Larjmarj said...

Hmmm...Yarn snobbery. I've probably been guilty of it from time to time but.. I think the main reason why is that I've used some of the cheaper brands on certain projects only to have them pill horribly or wear through (in the case of socks). I've learned that in some instances I have to bite the bullet and spend an extra buck or two for fiber that is going to stand the test of time.

IMO.. Wool Ease is some of the worst crap yarn out there. It pills ferociously after only a couple of washings and does not wear at ALL for socks.

Lion Brand sock yarn, cheap and wears like iron.

LB Homespun, good for afghans and gift scarves. That's about it

As far as wool, I don't think you can beat Cascade 220 for economy a skien is probably about $7 for 220 yards and it wears well holds it's color and is not prone to pilling.

As for the REALLY expensive stuff, I can't bring myself either but, if I'm going to spend the time on a project I want to get at least a few seasons out of it. Lace shawls need to last a lifetime ;-)

Nice work on all your prezzies! I like the SWS set. Groovy colors.

Leeann said...

The presents look great! I'm sure your family will love them. :)