Friday, December 14, 2007

The nest is not empty at the moment

My daughter is home from college for a month! A whole month! I can't believe how fast the semester went by. The next one doesn't start until Jan. 14, so she'll be here until around Jan. 12 and then the nest will be empty again. I'm going to enjoy every minute I have with her! Now the cats have someone else to bother.

Still working on the garter stitch scarf for my daughter. She loves it! I've got 20 inches done, at least 40 more inches to go, I want to make it good and long.

Last winter I made these aprons. I was going to give them to the females on my list at my Christmas Day thing I have for the family. But with Mom in the hospital and not able to participate in this "apron event" that won't be happening. They will just go back in the bag and maybe I'll try again next year. They were fun to make. You can get so creative with aprons. Maybe I'll keep one for myself and make some more.

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Larjmarj said...

Wow those are really cute! Have a great time with your daughter.