Saturday, January 10, 2009

The winter that just won't quit

Snow, snow and more snow. It just won't stop this winter. It's snowing now, possibly 6 to 10 inches will hit the ground before it's done. Ughhhhhhhhhhh. But, the good thing about being inside when it snows is I can knit all I want. Just sit and blissfully knit while glancing occasionally out the window and watching it from the inside. Very peaceful.

I have been working on the little preemie hats. I have three done so far.

So tiny and precious! I love each one. I'll drop them off at the LYS in the near future, might even get some more done before I do that. I have plenty of yarn to make more. I've been on a yarn buying spree lately. Can't stop. Don't want to. It's been fun!

I've also been working on a hat from a Ravelry knit-along. The Who Hat. Little owls all around it. I've got the owls done, pretty soon I'll start the decreasing.

I'm making the child size, but I really think it will fit an adult. Not sure now if I'll give it to my grandson, it might be too big. I'll wait and see how big the finished product is.

I went shopping at Joann's with my sister yesterday. A grand time was had! I'll show you more yarn next post. We exchanged Christmas goodies with each other. Look what I got!

More yarn! And an absolutely wonderful beautiful Matroyshka doll! I just love her! She's staying out year round, too cute to put away. I need to find a place of honor for her. And she burned me a CD of Christmas music which I just love! I listened to it this morning, why not, it feels Christmasy with the snow falling.

That's about it for today. I'm going to go straighten up the house a little. My daughter has left and is safely back at school. After my chores, I will hit the couch with my yarn and needles and watch the snow fall from the inside . . . and pray a nice neighbor will snowblow it for me.

Have a great weekend!