Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Give a Hoot

I got the Give a Hoot mittens done. I love them! I think they turned out so cute. At first I sewed on beads for the eyes, but were a clear turquoise color and they blended in so much they were hard to see.

The flash made them glow and show up in the pic. But I just didn't like the beads on them. So I took the beads off and sewed on little buttons. A turquoise color!

The buttons show up better, but boy it's really hard to take a picture of your hand, the camera shook and it was hard to get a good clear picture.

I blocked them overnight, and here is the finished product.

All ready to be worn! And with more snow in the forecast they will certainly get used. They'll make having to deal with snow a little easier to swallow. Maybe.


sweetp said...

They are so cute! GOsh there are owls everywhere at the moment

Larjmarj said...

So CUTE! I like the buttons better.

Susan said...

They are adorable! Everyone's making the sweater but I think those mittens would be more my style. And I like the buttons better, too.