Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yarn and Stuff

Well it's over with. We have a new president. Let's hope we move forward in a positive direction. There is hope once again. I wasn't there, but I did get to watch the swearing in ceremony on my work computer. Very awe inspiring.

And at the end of the day I came home and I knit! I just can't knit enough lately. I got one more preemie hat done.

I just LOVE the colors on this one. Candy Baby is the name of the color. I just want to eat it, it looks so good. Bernat Softee Baby is the yarn. And look in the background, out the window . . . SUN!!! We actually have sunshine today. It makes the world feel warmer even though it's still pretty cold out there. But I was happy on my way home from work. My windshield wiper squirters finally thawed! I could actually use them and clean the windshield while driving. No stopping and wiping the window with snow today. Little things make me so happy!

My knitting group had our after holiday anti-holiday party the other night. So much fun! I enjoyed seeing all the gifts that were exchanged. I got a beautiful handmade needle roll from Jess. It's so beautiful. I could stare at it all day.

She sews beautifully. And she gave me CANDY! Yummy chocolate, all kinds of chocolate. Here's how the needle roll looks rolled up.

I love my gifts!

I've kept the economy going lately. I bought some yarn that was on sale at Michaels. Couldn't pass up the sale, had to stock up. Patons Classic Merino Wool, SWS Stripes and some fun colorful baby yarn called Cupcake. It's so soft!

I've got plenty to keep me busy. So much yarn, so little time. Too bad I can't work two days a week and have five off. But get paid the same!

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