Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another day, another snowfall

Winter, winter, winter. It's just unrelenting this year. More snow falling. The temps really fell, it's freezing, single digit temps, brrrrrrrrrr. I guess I'll stay inside and play with my yarn and needles and knit to my heart's content! I joined a knit-along on ravelry for a lace scarf. For some reason I have had more problems trying to get this scarf started, numerous starts, stops, frogging, changing yarn, changing needles, more ripping, swearing, frustration. I give up on that scarf. I'm going to try starting a real easy one tonight. Here is the yarn I am going to use.

I have no idea how old this yarn is. It has a Lee Ward's price tag on it! That was an old craft store that used to be around here. My mom got me this yarn at a garage sale. Real pretty mohair. Wish me luck.

I'll be knitting it with my new Knit Picks Options needles! I finally splurged and ordered the set of Options needles. The cables are so nice, not hard and stiff like the Boye cables I have now. And I also had ordered some yarn from Knit Picks, such a pretty purple color. My shawl book from Amazon came too, beautiful shawls in there. Some day I'll make one.

Starting the lacey mohair scarf will be my project tonight.

I was cleaning out my stash the other day and came across these little beauties. I forgot I had them. Sock yarn. The colors are beautiful. I'll be using them in the future for something.

I did try using that blue one for the lace scarf. It's now back into the ball form waiting to become something else.

And I had fun with my sister in Joann's the other day. We both bought some of these big bundle balls of yarn.

Can't tell you yet what I'll be using those big bundle balls for. It's a secret. And the alpaca is sure to become a hat or maybe a neck warmer. It's so soft. I just love it!

I did get another preemie hat done. I just love the colors of this one. The color is called "Snooky" on the ball band. So cute for a tiny baby! I love the light blue and the brown together.

So I'll be on my couch knitting tonight. If I close the blinds and don't look outside I won't see the snow. I just can't shovel again today. I just can't. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow.


Jeanne said...

Very cute hat! Love all the yarn...

Larjmarj said...

I'm so sick of the snow and cold I can't even express.

Lee! That's an oldie. I remember there used to be a really big one up on Telegraph in Taylor.

Happy lace knitting, I'm sure you'll love it.