Friday, March 21, 2008

Knitting and Sewing

I started another pair of fingerless mitts. I just love making these! They are a quick knit, my kind of project, and the end result is so cute. They come in handy too. I'm making a rather plain pair now since this yarn is so fancy. There's a glittery thread running through it and some beads. I can't get a good close-up picture of the beads without blurring it. You can kind of see how it sparkles.

With all those little beads occasionally mixed in, I keep thinking I'm coming across a knot when I'm knitting. It's taking some getting used to. The yarn is the Moda-Dea brand.

I couldn't stay out of Joann's. I bought some more fabric the other day. Cute calico.

So I sat down at the sewing machine last night and turned some of that calico into this:

A Project Bag! Here is a look at the inside:

It was fun to make! Now that I've made this one, I've got ideas on how to make the next one. Sometimes I just can't leave a pattern alone, gotta put my own touch on it. You can really get creative with these, mixing fabrics, trim, etc.

It's Good Friday and I've taken the day off work, yay me! My daughter is home again for the weekend, another break at school. We are going shopping! I'm going to look at TVs and see if I can find one for my bedroom and then I can finally lay that piece of junk that's in there now to rest. AND it is officially spring! But you wouldn't know that by the weather report, snow is predicted for later, ughhhhhh. Hopefully this will be the last of the snow for the season.


Krystal said...

If you click on the picture to make it bigger, you can see the beads. :) Looks good. I love the bag.

Amy said...

The bag is so cute! Hope to see you again soon.
(BTW, the magazine in the photo has a design of mine in it!)