Sunday, March 23, 2008

A White Easter

Well damn, we got hit with ANOTHER snowstorm Friday night. The Never Ending Winter is back. The Never Ending Heating Bills continue. I'm so tired of all this snow and there's nothing I can do about it. Except bake cookies! For some reason I like to bake when it snows. But I cheated this time, I made the break-apart cookies. They are yummy!

I was in Joann on Friday buying this fabric when my daughter called and told me the snow had started.

I'm totally obsessed with sewing lately. I. Can't. Stop. So I finished up my shopping and came home and I made another project bag:

And here's the inside:

It's been a lot of fun sewing. And I feel like I've been spending quality time with my daughter who has been home for a little Easter break. She'll be on the computer and I'll be at the sewing machine which are in the same room, and we're together. I like it! But, today she goes back to school and the house will be quiet again.

I got the Japanese fabric I bought on Etsy. OMG, it's so cute! Hedgehogs!

I don't know what I'll make with it yet, but just HAD to have it.

I finished one of the fingerless mitts I was knitting with the sparkly beaded yarn. Hopefully I'll start the second one today and get it done soon so I can move onto the next project. I want to make my mom a shawl for Mother's Day, so I gotta get moving on that soon.

So today is Easter. It's just not a holiday I care about. I'm not religious and I just don't celebrate it in the religious way. I made our Easter dinner last night since Daughter has to leave today. I made corned beef, cheesy mashed potatoes, beans, rolls, and deviled eggs, and of course the cookies for dessert. It was a great feast!

Happy Easter!


Nikki said...

I love those bunny cookies! I worked with a lady once who thought I had done all of that by hand!!

Your little hedgehog fabric IS adorable! (and so is the stuff you got at JoAnns)

stay warm...

Shorty said...

Yummy! Cookies for Easter!

I love the bags. You have definately been bitten by the sewing bug. Miss you at knitting though. Hope to see you soon.


Larjmarj said...

Cookies? I'm comin' over.

AnnieMouse said...

What are you going to make with the sunflower fabric? It's really nice.