Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Cleaning . . . Kind of

Remember our Moms and/or Grammas doing spring cleaning? The yearly ritual where they cleaned the house from top to bottom in the spring. Do people still do that? I've been on a cleaning frenzy lately, getting this house in order. I've neglected it for too long. Lots of dustballs and cat fur, and clutter. I've got a few more cleaning projects to do next week. Sometimes you don't realize how dirty something was until it's clean. Then you keep staring at it, it looks brand new! It all started with this:

I finally got a new little TV for my bedroom. It's perfect! I don't have to get up and whack the crap out of it every 15 seconds. A nice change of pace. My little piggybank has been getting fed, a little here, a little there. My yarn fund, lol!

At last I got the fingerless mitts done that I was working on. Forgot to take a pic, I'll post them next time. Then I started a new project last night. I need to frog it tonight and start over. I'm not saying what it is yet. Might have to frog it a few times, lol!

I did get a little bit of sewing done this week. I made this little bag for my grandson. He can keep his little treasures in it.

I'm hoping to sit at the sewing machine this weekend and also to get some knitting done. The house is clean enough for now. It smells good in here, like Pine-Sol and Lemon Pledge. I need to rest for a while. And no, I won't come clean your house when I'm done with mine, lol! Unless of course you offer thousands of dollars and lots of fabric and yarn and chocolate. I might consider it then.


Tina said...

Damn, I was just going to ask if you would clean my house too. I usually get motivated to clean more this time of year too. I guess there is just something about the freshness of spring that gets me going.

Larjmarj said...

What is this cleaning you speak of?