Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sew a Needle Pulling Thread

My daughter arrived home for her spring break. Yay she made it safely! And in between snowstorms too. She's planning on going to Florida with some friends. I'll miss her, but you're only young once and it's a good opportunity. So I hope she has fun! For her trip I made her some summerweight jammie bottoms.

A cute yellow polka dot seersucker type fabric. Here's a close-up.

I gave them to her when she got home and she loves them! She loves when I make her stuff. And it's appreciated. So while I was sewing, I also made a pair for me, all in fun, just had to have this fabric. Very piratey with the skulls and crossbones.

It's a cotton/poly blend. Still too cold to wear them, but they'll be waiting when spring ever gets here. It was fun doing some sewing the other day. I just may have to go back and buy more fabric and make some more stuff.

I got started on the knit-along beret last night. I just LOVE this yarn. Oh it's so nice, and the color . . . fantastic! What a joy to work with.

Now I'm going to go sit on the couch and knittle on the beret and watch American Idol. They are finally going to be down to the final 12. This is when I like watching it.


Heather said...

very nice!! I am not sure if I am glad that they aren't in the same project or I was really wanting to see how the skulls and polka dots in yellow were going to work out. Oh well.

Glad dd is going to get to go to FL. We are going for the girls' spring break....and well Chicken has decided she needs to pack now since it is only 14 days away....LOL!

Leeann said...

Those are so cute!! I REALLY need to learn how to use my sewing machine because I definitely want to make cute pj pants!

Larjmarj said...

Ohhhh!! Love the jammie bottoms, I might just drive over there and steal yours...Arrrrgggghhh.

What kind of yarn is the pink beret yarn?

Spinknitty said...

Oh my gosh, I am so envious of your sewing skills. Those look so cute! My daughter just spent the afternoon trying to make jammie pants, and they turned out so funny that we laughed ourselves to tears. They'd be great if she had about a 12" inseam.