Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Wish the Days Were Longer

I'm still going at it with the sewing machine. Not much knitting to report. I've been knitting a little on the fingerless mitts. I'm hoping to finish tonight. Here's a peek, but I do have a little bit more done since this picture was taken.

Here are some fabric and patterns I bought while at Joann's the other day when the stupid snowstorm started. A few patterns to just make "stuff", I don't really sew clothing any more.

I got a couple yards of fabric. I'm going to make one of those purses with this:

And then I was going through the remnant bin and found these cute flannel pieces:

I just HAD to buy those flannel pieces, just one of those things.

So I got busy and sewed an apron. Someone borrowed my other apron and I never got it back and I doubt I ever will. Here's the front:

I used a contrasting fabric for the inside, you can wear it either side showing. Here's what it looks like from the back:

Now won't I just look so snazzy wearing that apron to put frozen dinners into the oven?


fluffybunnylover said...

I love the apron! Don't forget to don the high heels as you remove that dinner from the oven!

Nikki said...

How cute is that apron!!

and the oven?! wow... most of my frozen dinners go in the microwave LOL

Tina said...

I love the fabric for your soon to be purse. Do you take special orders?

By the way, the days are getting longer, at least in the sense that it light longer than it is dark.

Hope you are enjoying the cold spring weather, NOT! I can't wait for it to actually be spring, and warm up.

Larjmarj said...

I vote for red maribou slippers with 3" heels. That apron is SEXY!

Holly Bee said...

How come everyone can sew, except for me?!?

Your apron is sooo cute! Congrats!