Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Take Your Downspout to Work Day

We sure had some wicked weather last night and into today. It was freezing cold and I think the wind gusts were up to around 50 MPH. It blew one of my downspouts off the side of my house. I found it laying all cold and lonely in the driveway when I was leaving for work. I tried to fit it back onto the other part of the downspout but it would have no part of it, just couldn't fit the pieces together, it was windy and so cold and dark I said the hell with it and just threw it in my car. It was too cold to do much else with it. So my downspout went to work with me, it got a day on the town. How silly is that? We even went to the gas station. When I got home I managed to work it back onto the other part of the downspout and now all is well with my downspouts again. But it's still cold. Very cold. I have my little space heater on. It's helping to keep me warm today.

I actually cooked dinner today. That's the first in about oh two or three weeks. A real meal that is, not eggs or canned soup or Stouffer's. I made some oven fried chicken and Stove Top stuffing and some corn. It was soooooo good. So while the chicken was cooking I managed to get this fingerless mitten done.

I don't know. I just don't really like it, had so many problems making it. The yarn keeps bunching up, and the pattern is just written so weird, you have to jump all over the place to keep up with it. But I will make the second one and probably send it back to school with my daughter this weekend, she can give it away to a friend. Yes! My daughter is coming home this weekend! I'm excited. I'm looking forward to seeing her. I miss her so much and she misses home a lot.

I received this little beauty yesterday from an on line order I placed. So soft and pretty.

It's not a big ball of yarn, should be just enough for a pair of fingerless mitts. Time to try a new pattern. It's merino and angora. So so soft.

Gotta go clean up the kitchen. One of the pitfalls of cooking . . . dishes. Then I'm on the couch for the night. I'm going to finish season one of Grey's Anatomy that I rented from the library the other night and then American Idol. A good night of couch and tv and knitting!


Heather said...

Yum....the chicken sounds good! The mitts are cute...too bad you didn't dig them though. Have fun with the yarn.....I can't do angora....darn pesky rabbits...I think that's what did me in with my yarn I spun.

Have a warm night on the couch...I am headed up there now to stitch on the cabled band of my newest hat. Altho Chicken asked tonight "hey hurry up with my new hat!"

Leeann said...

What an exciting day for your downspout! haha. :)

That yarn looks AMAZING! Angora & merino sounds like a wonderful combination.

Larjmarj said...

Damn wind, it blew my gate open and my dog got out. Luckily he was only to the neighbors house checking out the lawn.. Can't wait for tomorrow's weather. If it's really bad I'm calling IN!!

Cookie baker Lynn said...

I love the fingerless mitten! You only learned to knit a year ago and you're making mittens? I'm impressed! I made a scarf in third grade and quit because I knew that's as good as it was going to get.