Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Sock Disaster

Yes, I've tried socks. Disaster. I tried knitting a sock last spring. It took me forever to get done what I did. Not sure if it was the pattern or I'm a slow knitter, but it took forever for this disaster to get as far as it did. I did the cuff, turned the heel, and once I did that the damn stitches kept sliding off the needle. It was frustrating. I'd pick it up try to fix it, put it away, try again a week or two later. More sliding off the needle. I finally gave up and cut the yarn and put it away. Wanna see it? Here it is, if it was finished it would fit a giant. I put a regular sized sock next to it for visual contrast.

So your either laughing at me or crying with me. This is why I haven't tried socks again.

Moving on. I got this yummylicious yarn in the mail yesterday. I ordered it through Sonny & Shear (link over at the right if you are interested, wonderful customer service!). Look at that turquoise color! Is it gorgeous or what! Can't wait to use it. I've never tried this yarn and am dying to get at it.

The tan one will probably become mittens. Oh the decisions I must make on what to do with this yarn. It's gorgeous.


Larjmarj said...

Cascade 20 is one of my fav's. Never disappoints and comes in a great range of colors.

As for your sock disaster...come to the magic loop side of the force and make a sock knitter out of you we will.

Leeann said...

I want to try socks soon, and it sounds like magic loop & a better pattern could hopefully solve your problems with it. Maybe we can even learn together, with Marj as our enabler. :)

Also I'm sure you'll love Cascade! Such good yardage for the price and that turquoise you have is truly fantastic! The only problem I've ever had with Cascade is that I've had a few skeins I'd consider too itchy, but it seems to vary from batch to batch and I'm sure it's nothing a good soak wouldn't fix, anyway.

Tina said...

Don't totally give up on socks; you just need the right coach to get you through the tough parts.