Friday, January 25, 2008

The Big Box of Yarn

There it is . . . the big box of yarn! Look at all that yarn. Isn't it gorgeous? Don't you just want to sit and knit 24/7? I do! Where did it come from you ask? One of the readers of this very blog is a former knitter. She has gone on to new pursuits and doesn't have time to knit any longer. She is doing photography (for a yummy cookbook which I can't wait to buy!) and needed the room to store her photography equipment. She offered to send me the yarn and in exchange I would knit her some fingerless mittens. I have mailed the fingerless mittens to her and am hoping they have arrived. I'm so paranoid they will get lost in our wonderful postal system. So, there you have it . . . the story of the yarn. With all that yarn she sent me, I feel like I should send more fingerless mittens, and maybe I will!

Just look at these cute needles! They are for big needle knitting, and they are absolutely adorable.

It's been like Christmas all over again going through this yarn! It's wonderful to know there are some truly generous people out there.

I finally got the fingerless mitts done that I was making for myself. I had put them aside to get the gift mitts done.

Finally, it's Friday Sweet Friday! The work week is done. I stopped at the library on my way home from work and picked up a couple of books and some videos. I got season 1 of Grey's Anatomy. I've recently gotten hooked on that show and I want to see how it started. I'll be knitting and watching videos this weekend. Peaceful and relaxing!

Have a great weekend!


Larjmarj said...

What a great gift!

Leeann said...

I have been waiting & waiting to hear the story about that big box! Lucky you, having such a generous friend!

You'll have to let us know what the cookbook is when it comes out, too, I'm intrigued. :)

Heather said...

That is awesome!!

SteamyKitchen said...

Can't wait to get the mittens! I may be going to NY next month for a food photography class and sure could use them. I'll let you know when they arrive.

xo, jaden