Friday, January 4, 2008

Baby it's cold outside, brrrrrrr

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, it's been so cold the last couple of days. I can't get warm. I did go out and buy a new winter coat. I love it! It's so warm and toasty. I wore it yesterday when it was 7 degrees when I went to work. Of course I had to pump gas . . . of course. I did not feel in the least bit cold pumping gas. Love those after Christmas sales! Now I have the perfect excuse, as if I need one, to knit some accessories to wear with it.

I did get the fingerless mittens done I was doing as part of a Knit-Along. They are for my daughter. I love how they turned out! I used Bernat Naturals Cashmere. That's the first time I used that yarn. It was very nice to work with. She loves them too. I think that's all the knitting I'll be able to get done for her before she leaves to go back to school. I've sure made her plenty of warm cozy things. They get so much more snow where she goes than we do here.

And while I was out shopping the other day I needed to buy a new calendar. I bought one with pictures of the Great Lakes to hang in the kitchen/dining room area where I hang a calendar. All the calendars were 50% off. Good deal! Then I saw this one, the Stitch N Bitch page a day calendar. Couldn't resist at 50% off, so I bought it. It will keep me amused with yarny things for a year.

Now I can get back to knitting the pair of Fetching I started for me. I can't wait to get them done as I'm really looking forward to wearing them.

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Leeann said...

Those mitts look GREAT!!

I'm a little jealous of your Great Lakes calendar, that sounds so pretty. :)