Friday, August 31, 2007


Stash! Remember dimestores? I used to love them! There used to be one in Trenton, so I went for a ride yesterday to see if it was still there. Lo and behold, it was! It used to be I think a D&C or a Ben Franklin. Now it's called something else, can't remember the name, Shoregrove or something like that, not a well known name or anything. Of course I had to look at the yarn. They had Sugar & Cream, all of it 99 Cents. All of it! It was the 2.5 ounce solid and the 2 ounce ombre. I didn't have a lot of money on me, so I only bought 5 balls. I will definitely go back and get more. Lots of colors, more than Michael's or Joann's. I was so excited!

I did start the Feather & Fan dishcloth. I'm using Sugar & Cream Stripes in lime green, which I already had. It's going to be huge. 58 stitches were cast on. I'm using #7 US needles not the #8 called for in the pattern. It's so nice to be working on something colorful!

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