Thursday, August 23, 2007


I'm lost. My baby has gone off to college. Now what do I do? I miss her like crazy. She's gotten sick since she's been there, homesick too. She went to the infirmary, they did tests, and she has a form of mono. Sheesh. And I'm not there, she's going to have to take care of herself. Then there were tornado warnings today where she is, and now a thunderstorm/tornado watch. We've got the same watch where I am. It rained like crazy on our drive there, rained some more while unloading, rained some more on my drive home. Why couldn't the so called drought last another day? Oh well, it's over now.
So, to feel better I fell off the wagon and bought a little bit of stash. I got some Wool Ease on clearance at Michael's for $2 a skein, some Peaches & Cream from Walmart and some of the new Sugar & Cream stripes from Joann's. I also got some bamboo US#7 needles and some US#8 dpn's on sale at Joann's. It helped me feel better. Stash always does.
That tomato is from my garden. Finally got a red one that no animals had gnawed on yet.
Time to go keep an eye on the sky again.

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