Sunday, August 12, 2007

Farm Market Day

Muggy today.

I got Mom's mittens and scarf done. It's for Christmas. I've started a scarf for my son, but it's wool and I just can't seem to get going on it. Too hot to touch wool.

Just got back from a run to the farm market out by the airport. Stuff is soooooo cheap. Got some fresh corn on the cob, grapes, new potatoes, peaches, garlic, mushrooms, a couple bags of chips and a couple packages of cookies, all for under $20. Not bad. It's always so crowded there, but so worth it. I'll probably go back maybe next weekend. They had a cute little ladybug yard pick/stake type thing for $1.99. I want it!

I want to go to Michael's. They have some yarn on sale that I want to touch. This yarn diet is killing me, but I can still go touch. And if the yarn drags me to the counter while in my hand, I'll have to pay for it. Can't shoplift ya know.

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