Saturday, August 25, 2007

Scary Weather

Boy did we have some scary weather go through last night. Severe storms, lots of lightning, rain and wind. About 50 miles away there were tornadoes. The destruction is awful. They are confirming 2 tornadoes, and still deciding on whether the other 3 were tornadoes. I feel for those people. I'm OK where I am. And it's still horribly humid this morning. I have the windows open just because I'm so sick of the AC being on 24/7. It's 73 degrees, not real bad temp-wise, but 94% humidity. Ughhhhh. I was vacuuming and it was real hard to push the vacuum around.

Anyway, I finished my mid-August knit-along. Cables. I think it turned out pretty good for me. The cables weren't that bad to do. I finished the other knit-along I was working on but it's too icky and wet outside to take a pic. I'll photograph it when it dries up a little bit out there.

Still missing the kid. It's not as bad as it was. I can at least look at pictures of her again without bursting into tears. And I can look at little gifts and things around the house that she has given me. We'll both be fine. Big adjustment period.

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