Thursday, August 30, 2007

The scarf is done!

Yay! The scarf is done! When I posted last night the scarf was 49 inches long. I was going to take it to 60 inches, changed my mind and decided on 52 inches with fringe. Sat down to knit some more before bed and then measured. It was 54 inches! I decided that's long enough, I can add fringe and be done with it. Got up this morning and bound it off, weaved in the ends and added the fringe. It's done!

Now, onto something new . . . something small and quick! So many choices and things I've got lined up. I want to start a feather & fan dishcloth with Sugar & Cream stripes, and some mittens with the blue yarn I got not too long ago at knit night, and a pattern I found for a little candy bag, or for whatever. Also got some yarn waiting to make the grands some hats for Christmas. Oh so many projects waiting! Can't wait to get started on something that's not a scarf. Hopefully I'll have lots of knitting time. I'm off work until Tuesday. The kid comes home from college tomorrow for a visit, looking forward to seeing her. But for now, time to clean up and head out to the library and maybe Joann's, heheheheh!

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