Thursday, March 18, 2010

So much fabric . . .

Just moving right along on my little Schnibble quilt. Next step is to add the borders. It is going to be so colorful.

It's been such a fun little project. But there has been a lot of ripping and re-sewing. Gotta get those seam allowances just right or the whole thing is off. I finally figured out the 1/4 seam mark on my sewing machine and things should hopefully go a lot smoother now when I make a quilt. I still need to get the backing fabric for this and the binding. Can't decide on a color.

Had a grand time this past weekend shopping with my daughter. We met up halfway between where we each live and shopped in a whole new area. Found a quilt shop in our travels and just HAD to go in!

Love those charm packs! So addicting. And also found a pattern for journal covers. Something different! Can't wait to make some of those.

I have plenty to keep me busy. I need more hours in the day. But I better get to work so I can earn more money to buy more stuff . . .

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