Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Second Sock Syndrome

One down, one to go! I got one sock finished last night. Yay me! I immediately cast on for the second one before Second Sock Syndrome set in. I'm still at the 2x2 ribbing. The needles are so fiddly at first. Once I get a little more done, hopefully I can get on a real roll with the ribbing and get it over with.

How do you like those pretty beads in the picture? I fell in love with them. Had to have them. They look like little berries. I want to eat them.

I met my sister up at Joann's the other day. Last day of the flannel sale, had to get more! Pretty soon I'll have enough jammies for every day of the year, lol! I. Just. Can't. Stop. Making. Jammies. She made me buy that little notebook with the spider on it. Maybe I can keep track of my jammies with it! That little ladybug is a container, I think it would be good for keeping my berry beads in. I love the dollar stuff at Joann.

We have too much fun in Joann's. It's like kids in a candy store to us.

My Dad made me something! Check it out . . . the car from the movie A Christmas Story!

He loves to make these little cars. He carves them out of wood and then paints them to look like a car of that time looked. Very cool! Our family is obsessed with the movie A Christmas Story. Could probably recite it by heart, but yet we watch it over and over.


Larjmarj said...

Congrats on starting the second sock!

Best to do it straight away.

LOVE LOVE LOVE The little car that your dad made for you. Seriously, how cool is that!

Domestic Extraordinaire said...

very cool car! I can't believe he carved that. I didn't know you were addicted to that movie, you should come and see me, I live about 25 min from the house it was filmed in and is now a museum.