Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Stuff

Two more days until Halloween! I think I'm ready. Do you like my costume?

There it is! I just couldn't resist. Five dollars at wallyworld. That will be fun to wear to pass out candy. Did I mention candy? I bought lots to give out. Every year I buy a lot and I run out. It can cost a small fortune. We get so many kids around here. So I didn't buy a lot of chocolate this year, instead I bought plenty of other stuff. I do want to try one of those marshmallow pumpkins, they are so cute!

I do enjoy seeing the kids come to the door in their costumes. Lots of fun!

I came across this dishcloth pattern and just HAD to make it, so cute, such a nice fall dishcloth. I got some new dish towels to go with it, I can never have enough of those.

I love my new towels and dishcloth!

Last night was the last night of the two-color knitting class. This is what I have so far:

Whatcha think? I won't show any more pictures of this tam until it's completely done. I loved that class. Lot of fun. Nice people all around, from the instructor to the other women taking the class. I'll miss it.

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Susan said...

Love the costume! We have a lot of kids here too and the candy costs a fortune! I start buying one bag at a time in September.