Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Good Knitting Weather Today

It's rainy and dreary. A good evening to stay inside and knit! I started my two-color knitting class yesterday. I actually have homework, lol! No pictures to show yet as I'm still casting on. I've recently learned the long tail cast-on and I'm trying to get my stitches even, some have been tight, some too lose. Practice practice practice! So that will keep me busy tonight.

I recently bought this adoreable pattern from an etsy seller. I just fell in love with it, and had to have it!

Isn't it cute! I also got some yarn to knit the little critters with. It's really hard to find brown yarn in a worsted weight. I finally found some at Walmart.

Even my cat Pixie wants to play with yarn. She's always by me when I knit. You can see her guarding my yarn. That's my sock she's laying by. Some day I'll finish it.

So until next time, I'll be busy playing with yarn and sticks.

I had to have a home repair. Not a fun one. I had sagging gutters. But all fixed now and nice and snug. One repair down. Next: Replacing my leaky kitchen faucet. Oh the joys of home ownership!

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