Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's Pumpkin Time!

Busy busy busy today. Got a lot done. And it was absolutely gorgeous outside. Hopefully I'll get to spend some time outside tomorrow. I had just gotten my chores done when my sister called and told me Joann's had a book I've been wanting. One copy. She told me exactly where it was in the store. I immediately got in my car and went. Like I needed an excuse to go to Joann, lol! Anyway, I got it. It's mine. I've browsed through it a little bit, can't wait to dig in!

Pretty Little Pincushions! Some really cute ones in there. Fun little things to work on for maybe future Christmas gifts.

In the meantime, my son sent me a picture of my grandson. They went to some kind of event today with pumpkin painting. I just had to share this picture.

My little cutie! Just seeing that picture made me nostalgic for the days when my kids were small. Fun times!

And I just thought I'd share a picture of a pretty sunset, love the colors in the sky. Wish I was there.

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Krystal said...

Aww what a cutie!!

I want to paint pumpkins...